About our yoga & ayurveda detox retreat

Would you like a much-needed detox? Would you like some help with starting a new healthy lifestyle? Would you like to learn about Ayurveda cooking and nutrition? Or are you just looking for a relaxing getaway? Then this yoga & Ayurveda detox retreat in the most beautiful place in the Alps might be something for you! A week in which you can relax completely, get fit and healthy, and learn how to cook healthily in everyday life. 


  • We do not have a particular date lined up for this retreat at the moment, though if you would be interested in joining us at some point in the future, please let us know and we will keep you informed once the next date is fixed. 


Click here to read what one of last year's participants wrote about the Yoga and Ayurveda Detox week on her blog when she got home.


Interested in joining us? Please contact us at austria@wearactive.com or +43(0)6642441919

Daily program


Our program is subject to weather conditions and group preferences but a day during our retreat week could look like this:

  • Early morning tea and detox smoothie shot
  • Vinyasa flow yoga session
  • Guided meditation
  • Healthy nutritious Ayurvedic breakfast
  • Outdoor activity or Ayurvedic cooking workshop 
  • Ayurvedic warm lunch
  • Resting time - time for you!
  • Learning about Ayurveda: theory
  • Afternoon Restorative yoga session
  • Light dinner

All activities are optional. In the middle of the week there will be a day 'off'. You can use this day to rest, to go on your own self-guided adventure, to visit the nearby spa or to take a day-trip to the beautiful town of Lienz.



€1250 per person (based on 2 people sharing a room)



  • Overnight stay: 7x
  • Meals:
    • 5x early morning tea and detox smoothie
    • 7x healthy nutritious breakfast
    • 5x ayurvedic warm lunch
    • 6x light dinner
    • transfer to the restaurant of your choice on the the day 'off'
    • all day herbal tea
  • 10x Yoga classes: 2x per day on 5 days
  • 5x Guided meditation
  • 1x Ayurvedic cooking workshop
  • 4x Ayurveda theory classes
  • 4x Outdoor activities (e.g. hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and/or tobogganing)
  • Ayurvedic goody-bag with oil, tongue cleaner and a massage glove
  • A digital document with the recipes of the week 
  • Transfers from/to Lienz train or Huben in Osttirol bus station
  • Tourist tax

Not included in the price are:

  • Flights and transfers
  • Insurance


Please contact us for more information and bookings



learning about ayurveda

We organise this retreat in cooperation with Daniela, an Ayurveda and nutrition specialist and blogger who teaches cooking classes in Zürich, Switzerland. On four days of the week Daniela will provide 1 hour theory classes covering all the Ayurvedic basic principles such as:

- The Ayurvedic principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha 

- Guidelines for the 3 basic constitutional types 

- How to detox with Ayurveda 

- Understanding Ayurvedic cooking

- The 6 tastes of Ayurveda 

- Herbs and spices in Ayurveda 

Check-out Daniela's blog to get an impression of her as a person, as a cook and as a teacher. The blog is written in German but Daniela will teach in English during this retreat.

Ayurvedic cooking workshop

In addition to the theory classes, Daniela will teach one half-day Ayurvedic cooking workshop. You will learn how to prepare basic Ayurvedic foods such as ghee, spices, warm drinks and chutneys and you will help to prepare a full Ayurvedic meal. We will provide you with the recipes of the meals eaten during the week. Our aim is to provide all the information and skills you need to prepare healthy, nutritious Ayurvedic food and how to incorporate it in everyday life. 

It was a great week, just what I needed: rest, good food and spending time outdoors. The Ayurveda workshops were very informative, well prepared and organized.

Joanna, January 2017

A fantastic experience full of new things and very lovely people. Better than expected and would definitly come again and recommend this to anyone who needs a break from life.

Charlotte, January 2017


The word yoga means union in Sanskrit. At MoaAlm we like to see yoga as the union between movement and breath. By synchronizing your breathing to the movements of your body you enhance your physical endurance and you learn to better understand your own body. Yoga poses help improve your flexibility and strength. Yoga is for everyone - it doesn't matter how old, fit or flexible you are! Our yoga classes are always tailored to individual needs so that everyone can participate at his own level and pace.


Our yoga teacher is a professional yoga teacher with 200 hours teacher training. She loves yoga, because it helps her connect to her body - listening to the body and understanding what the body needs and what it is capable of. She hopes to empower her students and help them build a routine of physical exercise and relaxation in their often busy daily lives.


At MoaAlm we have a beautiful yoga studio with panoramic view on the mountains. This room invites you to relax, to breath and enjoy life. Our studio is equipped with mats and props to support you in your poses. 



Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the human body. The aim is to feel fit, fresh and energised. At MoaAlm we believe the best way to detox is a simple mix between consuming the right food and drinks, being active in the fresh air and practising breathing techniques. This yoga & detox retreat does not involve any fasting, medication or physical cleansing. The food we serve is always enough - no one needs to feel hungry. We believe in a mild form of detoxification that doesn't stress the body. 


At MoaAlm we love food! We believe that food tastes best when it grows close-by. Our chef prepares the best home-made meals of the entire region. Our ingredients are fresh, local and organic whenever possible. During our yoga & detox week we will focus on food and drinks that provide you with the needed nutrients without making you feel bloated or full. We will use sattvic foods as a guiding principle in the preparation of the meals during this retreat.


Every morning we will start the day with tea and/or hot water with lemon and ginger and a detox smoothie. After the morning yoga session we serve a nutritious warm breakfast with loads of warm fresh fruits, oats, nuts, dried fruits and seeds. We serve a warm lunch as the main meal of the day because the digestive fire is the strongest around lunch time. Lunch can consist of dahl, rice, chutneys and vegetables - all cooked according to Ayurvedic principles. Dinner consists of soup, fresh flat breads and dips. All food will be light, tasty and vegetarian with vegan options. During the day there will be dried fruits, nuts and herbal tea available to you. 

Outdoor activities

On four days we will take you on guided outdoor activities such as snow shoeing, winter hiking and cross country skiing. No previous experience is required. However, it is important that you are not suffering from knee injuries to be able to participate in the activities (you have to able to walk up and down hill). We always try to make sure that the activities are suitable to individual needs - we might split up or provide a shorter and longer route for people with different fitness levels or ambitions. All the activities are optional and we are happy to provide with maps and suggestions if you prefer to go on self-guided adventures.  

Spa facilities

We have a wood-fired outdoor hot tub at MoaAlm where you can relax your muscles in the warm water and enjoy the mountain views. For spa treatments such as massages, body packings and facials we recommend the nearby hotel & spa.