About The MoaAlm

The MoaAlm is situated at the end of the valley in Kals am Grossglockner. It is a perfect trip for winter hikers as well as tobogganing enthusiasts due to its southern exposition and elevated position. The 1 hour hike up is easy and family-friendly, suitable for children as well as grown-ups. Come and visit us in a quiet, remote location and enjoy our food, amazing views and lots of sun. 



About the Track

The beautiful winter hike up through the forest, over a wooden bridge and along frozen creeks is 3 kilometers long, 250 vertical meters high and takes about 45 minutes. On top of the rodel track you will find the MoaAlm, a recently renovated alpine Almhut with a beautiful panoramic view over the Kalser valley. The MoaAlm serves anything a winter hiker needs: warm & cold drinks as well as healthy international food inspired by the Tirolean kitchen. If you don´t have an own rodel, you can rent one at the MoaAlm.

How to find us

The beginning of the winter hike up to MoaAlm  starts at the MoaAlm parking lot. When in Kals, take the following directions:

  • From Kals (Ködnitz), drive north towards Burg, Taurer.
  • At Burg, continue had towards Taurer(wirt).
  • At the cross-section Gradonna (&Camping), Taurer, MoaAlm, take a slight right into the woods.
  • The parking is situated on your left next to the small wooden barn.