MoaAlm in the Movies!

At the end of the summer we really enjoyed meeting the very lovely Gigi, PR guru and owner of the wonderful Reisefreunde blog. Gigi joined us at MoaAlm for sunset, followed by a delicious dinner and then relaxed conversation around the fire-pit.


Gigi had spent a couple of days touring, filming and exploring some of the best parts of the beautiful Osttirrol region and we are thrilled to have been included in the resulting video that she made from the footage she shot. Take a look at the video above... and hands up if you can identify a familiar pair of legs at around the 1 minute and 50 seconds mark!


Gigi also wrote a blog post about her time at MoaAlm and being in the Osttirol, so if your German is up to scratch, you should have a read of it HERE and get more of a feel for the sort of thing you will get up to when you are next staying with us at MoaAlm!